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Holistic Experience

Gaia Cuisine offers a unique experience, with a focus on art, health and sustainability.

Sourcing organic and locally grown products when possible, we bring a unique touch to every retreat we cater for. Designing seasonal menu's to suit your retreat schedule and catering to any special dietary requirements. 

We are focused on nourishing the body with real food, and create the perfect balance of nutritious and delicious meals. 

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$95 (incl.GST) per person per day (minimum 10 people)

3x whole foods vegetarian / vegan buffets per day.

Afternoon tea and dessert

Tea and coffee station

As the first and last days are normally only half days, we treat them as one full day - arrival platter and dinner on day one and breakfast on the last day (making one full day). If you would like a different arrangement please contact us.

This price includes local travel & cleaning

Travel expenses may apply to a location outside of the Byron region

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Cancellation Policy
In the event of a cancellation of an event, the client should notify Gaia Cuisine no later than four (4) weeks prior to the planned date. Should the event be cancelled after that deadline, Gaia Cuisine shall be entitled to receive 10% of the total price of the event, agreed upon by the client.

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